Who am i ?

Mireille Marie Guidoux

The courage to change in order to achieve your dreams

During the 2020’s summer, I went through an unpleasant phase, a lot of fear and doubt with only two options : “keeping my executive position to ensure my financial stability while degrading my physical and mental health, or jumping into the unknown and daring to develop my Lightworker’s activity.

At the end of August , my decision was taken and I gave my resignation. I started my project while having to assume the job I had resigned from for a few more months. I had to be careful with my budget, looking for new opportunities with less responsibilities and develop new means of communication…

As of today, at the beginning of January, I am ready to offer my services and I have 40% of my working time at my disposal to answer your requests.

My new complementary work remains in my original field, guiding families and supporting children towards autonomy.

In life, they are key moments where we feel that it is time to change. And very often, it is with fear that we are initiating our inner journey and the fear remains until we found the answers that will lead us towards action and decision making.

Regardless of the length of the process it is possible at any time to redefine our priorities and the direction of our objectives, of our dreams.

The courage to change, is the courage to bring our internal detractors to a new truth, to new experiences and to accompany our inner child by telling him that we have the capacity to adapt and find solutions no matter what happens.

I’m sailing towards my professional future, the one I’ve always dreamed of, and when I doubt, I take myself in my arms and I look at the situation objectively by defusing my old beliefs and by reassuring my inner child with the strength of the recovered and caring adult that I am.

Every morning, I check my inner self starting from the center to build my day by welcoming experiences coming to me. Sometimes, I take the time to not take action to allow me to be in observation and inaction.

I would be pleased to help you find yourself and strengthen your self confidence, your projects and your place on this earth.

A Lightworker at the service of life

I consider that we are all equal in our souls.

At some points in our life we are feeling helpless.

We feel and experience blockage that can be of different nature : mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

In these times, we need support in a form that makes sense to us and to which we are sensitive.

I propose you through targeted care either remotely or in my office to allow you to reconnect to your healing power.

In my role of message channeling, I am here at specific moments of your life to support you reconnecting with your inner temple.

Those messages that your soul, your spirit, your body and your heart tries to transmit to you.

The goal of my work is that you can make decisions from your center while staying grounded in the present moment and open to your feelings.

You are a unique being with your own cartography of terrestrial experiences to make and who has his place on this earth.

Discover me through the article of Thalie Budde

Secret-maker : a support to help others move forward on their own path

Meet Mireille-Marie Guidoux, one of those who are called secret-maker, healers or even rebouteux, those people who help and heal by means that science can’t explain.

Born in the late seventies, Mireille-Marie Guidoux, the oldest of four children, grew up in a farm in a family where the atmosphere wasn’t always light. She thinks that her childhood is probably the source of her capabilities of secret-maker, that she developed by herself, the gift hasn’t been given to her. “I grew up in a family where I’ve had to develop a great sensitivity to what was going on around me, including the capability to feel how people were and felt.

This hypersensitivity, however, brought her to question herself to understand if what she was feeling belonged to her or to someone else. So it has been a long learning process in order to be able to differentiate herself from others and being able to take the necessary distance : “In the end, I wasn’t existing for myself, but through others”, she says. But since there was no room to express her experiences in her family, it’s something that she rather “left aside” for a while.

It’s when her kids were born, now aged 15 and 17, that her sensitivity further developed, and that she decided to really dig into the subject.

She thought that she was “crazy” at first, but then she noticed that she could strongly identify herself to what she was reading in books on the subject.

Initially trained as an early childhood educator, she did a training in transactional analysis during four years at CAFAT (Alpine formation center for transactional analysis).

As of today (2019), Mireille-Marie Guidoux mainly works as a director in a reception center for schoolchildren, her activity as a secret-maker being complementary. Registered on the secret-maker’s list of french-speaking Switzerland from Mr. Georges Delaloye since october of 2017, she started consultations in her small office in Grandson, a small town by the lake of Neuchâtel in 2015.

Her work as a secret-maker is very diverse, as much by the people who contact her and their motivations than by the means she has at her disposal to help them.

The most often, people contact her through an app called “FDS”. And although she receives 10 to 12 requests per day, she always takes the time to answer them. Her goal is to be able to adapt to the person in order to provide what he or she needs and to “help as much as possible for as long as possible”.

She takes care of the animals as well as the children, of pregrant women or women who wish to be, of people who suffer from difficulty with stress, anxiety or more physical issues like inflammations, internal bleedings or burns. The range of Ms. Guidoux is very large, and she always find a way to help those who asks.

The transactional analysis that she proposes is a method that studies interactions between individuals, it was invented by a psychiatrist named Eric Berne in the fifties.

According to this method’s theory, in every human being exists three levels or spirit states : the child, the adult and the parent, they interact together and with those from other people. This technique helps for personal growth and can allow to become aware of certain cognitive patterns in order to live better, in harmony with ourselves and with others.

To this, Mireille-Marie Guidoux added her own specificity, that we call “the secret” : a prayer, different depending on who uses it. The prayer she works with is very general and can have several different functions. This allowed her to develop her own technique : a process of 21 days, during which she will “connect” herself to the person who asked for some help so that it will receive an “energy stream”. She compares this to a battery that would hang on the person’s back. With this “renewed energy”, the person could maybe have the courage to change unsatisfactory things in it’s life, to change some habits or to “regain control of it’s life”. However Ms. Guidoux doesn’t influence the way the person will use this energy. This is in fact the reason why she explains that she doesn’t like the term “healer”. She consider herself as a “little help”, but this is the person receiving this help who will heal itself.

She also works as place purifier, a practice not related to the secret.This concerns people feeling bad in their home, who have their “emotional shield” weakened. She explains : “I believe that we have chakras, energetic centers. If our energy flow is good, fluid, we are strong and powerful. And if someone in a bad mood comes to attack us, or invades our personal space, we’ll have the capacity to defend ourselves. However, depending of our workload and the events in our life, we may have more difficulty to take distance with negative energy, and therefore taking them with us and bringing them home.” It can also be some “entities”, souls of deceased people having decided to stay on earth, cling to the inhabitants and feed off their energy, which exhausts them physically and emotionally.

Following seven cycles of seven days each, forty-nine days in total, this practice seeks to “reconnect” the autonomy of the inhabitants, and to regulate the energy of the house, and of the people living in it.

Those activities are something where Mireille-Marie Guidoux feels that she is “where she belongs”. She defines her work like an accompaniment, and helping others find a direction in their lives is fulfilling for her, it brings her a lot for her own personal growth. Her projects for the future ? “We’ll see”, she replied. Questioned on the possibility to make her secret-maker activity her main job, she seems interested, but it doesn’t seems to be her top priority. She seems to live in the present moment, waiting to see what life will have to offer her in the future. With her very open mind, her motivation is to build something day after day, and to always be able to find meaning in getting up in the morning.

Thalie Budde, April 2019